Task Management

With Evosoft, you can create and manage tasks with ease. You can assign tasks to team members, set deadlines and track progress in real-time. This feature can help you stay on top of your project and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are an excellent project management tool that can help you visualize your project timeline. Evosoft allows you to create and customize Gantt charts, so you can quickly identify any potential delays and adjust your plans accordingly.

Resource Allocation

You can easily allocate resources to tasks and projects with Evosoft. This includes assigning team members, equipment, and other resources to specific tasks. This feature can help you optimize resource utilization and ensure that your project stays on track.

Time Tracking

Accurate time tracking is essential for project planning and budgeting. Evosoft allows you to track time spent on tasks and projects, helping you estimate project timelines and costs more accurately.

Budget Tracking

Keeping track of project expenses is essential to avoid overspending. With Evosoft, you can track project expenses and compare them to your budget in real-time. This feature can help you stay within budget and avoid costly overruns.


Collaboration is key to successful project planning. Evosoft allows you to collaborate with your team members in real-time, so everyone stays updated. You can set up alerts and notifications to keep everyone informed of project updates.

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